2016 P.Cr.LJ 831 [Sindh]

S. 497(2) —— Control of Narcotic Substances Act (XXV of 1997), S. 9(c)—- Prohibition of possession, import and export, trafficking or financing trafficking of narcotic drugs Bail, grant of Further inquiry Only 1500 grams of Charas was allegedly recovered from the accused.Present case appeared to be a borderline case, which attracted the provisions of Ss. 9 (b) and 9 (c) of Control of Narcotic Substances Act, 1997, and the benefit of such discrepancy was, therefore, to be extended to the accused.No private witness had been associated with, and no private witness had signed the Mashirnama of arrest and recovery .Prosecution had not claimed that the accused was previously involved in the same nature of cases.State counsel had no objection if the bail was granted to the accused.Case of accused was that of further inquiry in terms of S. 497 (2), Cr.P.C.——– Bail application allowed accordingly.