Shahzad Siddique Alvi (Advocate High Court)

Alvi Law Associates
offers high quality, professional and cost effective legal services to expatriates Pakistanis all over the world on a broad range of legal matters. We have a vast experience of working with individuals, corporations, civil society organizations including NGOs, governmental bodies and public sector organizations. We specialize in: Civil & Criminal Law, Property and estate (Rent and property matters), family laws, immigration, service laws, corporate law, advising and representing in trials, appeal courts and/or tribunal. The highly professional team of experienced and expert lawyers fromAlvi Law Associates is at your back and call and is ready to offer you sound legal advice. It represents and protects your interests on all appropriate forums.
Alvi Law Associates
 offers special packages for the overseas Pakistanis having to deal with legal issues back at home. We believe in straight forward legal advice, long-term relationships and not so quick fixes


Alvi Law Associates is one of the leading Law firms in Pakistan. It is capable of providing all-round professional legal services. The lawyers of Alvi Law Associates always believe in the concept of “Brilliance can only be demonstrated by expertise and aptitude”. The lawyers are working assiduously to build themselves into a professionally elite team characterized by;

Alvi Law Associates, having a group of professional and extensively learned talents, who have an intimate knowledge of specialized laws, they have accumulated a huge amount of practical experiences in the following areas
ALVI LAW ASSOCIATES, is predominantly proficient in providing detailed legal services for people, lawyers hold high esteem in the professional specialization, each member contributes his/her strong points and the group collectively does its best.
Alvi Law Associates uses international law firm’s management mode and practicing procedure for reference. The chief management methods adopted by  Alvi Law Associates, include system of principal, system of special team for project, system of regular meetings, discussion system for complex cases, system of training programs, administration system for the entire service process, system for client management, and so on. Through these systems all-round, specialized and high-quality legal services are guaranteed. The group solidity and professional management have turned out to be the inestimable driving force for the progress of Alvi Law Associates., which exhibits the highest level of integrity in our services.
Alvi Law Associates is always looking forward to deliver sincere and legitimate legal services to our clients.

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