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Cyber Crime

Alvi law  Associates provides highly top end services in the field of Cyber Crime in Pakistan and have highly professional cyber crime lawyers in Pakistan backed with a team of Information Technology experts Our IT experts work with the Alvi law team on every step in all the Cyber Crimes Cases and other Internet o Telecommunication related cases and issues.

If you are a victim or need help relating any of these electronic crimes, cyber terrorism, data damage electronic fraud, criminal access, criminal data access, misuse of electronic system or electronic device, electronic forgery, unauthorized access to code, misuse of encryption, misuse of code, cyber stalking then just don’t hesitate to for help.

Nature and areas of Cyber Crimes

  • Mobile/Credit Card / Balance Transfer Fraud
  • Bank Fraud Credit Cards/ ATM/Loan
  • Mobile/Phone/ Threatening through SMS/Calls
  • Tracing of IP/Email Address
  • Threatening/Abusive/ Massages & Emails
  • Hacking /Illegal access of Websites
  • Hacking of Account/Email Address
  • Fraudulent Emails
  • Fraud through mobile messages regarding Winning of Vehicle
  • Misuse of Information on Internet
  • Lottery Award Cases
  • Electronic Money Laundering and Tax Evasion
  • Electronic Vandalism, Terrorism and Extortion
  • Sales and Investment Fraud
  • Illegal Interception of Telecommunications
  • Telecommunications Piracy
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Fraud
  • Theft of Telecommunications Services
  • Communications in furtherance of Criminal Conspiracies
  • Dissemination of Offensive Materials

Domestic Cyber Crime Laws of Pakistan

Above Listed are Major Problem Areas Relating to Cyber Crimes where Alvilaw Associates can help you. Just feel free to contact us.

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